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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sizes of Australian Shepherds?
Toy: 10” -14”
Miniature: 14”-18”
Standard: 18” and up
Height of dogs is measured from the top of their shoulders to the floor. Size is not determined by weight. While we try to predict size the best we can through our parent dogs and their pedigrees, there is no way to accurately predict the size of your puppy. Some puppies stay smaller or grow bigger than we expect them to. There is no exact science for determining the size of a puppy.

Do Australian Shepherds Need Training?
Yes, all puppies of any breed need obedience training. They thrive in home situations where they are lovingly disciplined by owners who provide obedience training, socialization and exercise.

Do You Ship Your Puppies?
We ship puppies nationwide. We offer shipping through airline as well as ground transport. All shipping/transport costs are the responsibility of the new owners. You are always welcome at Heaven Sent Aussies to pick up your special new family member.

How Do I Pay a Deposit on a Heaven Sent Aussie Puppy?
We accept Venmo payments, or you can go to and apply for a puppy there and send a deposit. Once the deposit is received, your puppy will be placed on hold. Final
payments must be made before the puppy can be released to the new owner.

If I Change My Mind, Can I Get My Deposit Back?
No. Your deposit is nonrefundable, but it is transferrable if you find a different puppy at Heaven Sent Aussies that is still available. A deposit holds a puppy for you so that no one else can buy the puppy you want (marking the puppy as sold). Once a puppy is marked as sold, we can no longer entertain other possibilities to sell the puppy, which is why your deposit is non-refundable.

How Early Can I Pick Up My Puppy?
Your puppy will be weaned, eating solid food and ready to go home at 8 weeks of age. At 8 weeks they will have their first Parvo/Distemper vaccination.

What Things Should I Do to Keep My Puppy Safe on My Trip Home?
Don’t allow your new puppy access to public places until they have received ALL their vaccinations…pet stores, public parks and rest areas, etc. Parvo virus is very dangerous to puppies until they have been fully vaccinated at the age of approximately 16 weeks. Please find an isolated spot along the road for a pit stop, and always keep your puppy on a leash. Puppies can run away in a flash and be potentially hurt or lost. Make sure you have a towel or paper towels when traveling with a puppy.

Trying to decide what gender of puppy would be best for your family?

Drug Sensitivity and Health Testing

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